March - in like a lion, out like a lamb. In like a lamb, out like a lion? This year I believe it is in like a lion, out like a lion. The fierce roar of winter is still being felt here across the Dakotas. Thank the Lord we were spared again down in our little southeastern corner. Sure, we had a bit of snow, it's cold, the sun hasn't been shining for a bit, but we're dry. No flooding in our neck of the woods, no blizzards to report, and green grass and flowers are on the horizon. Okay, maybe the distant horizon, but they'll be here, I know they will.

Today was the day to install the work computer - YEAH! Brad was able to get his displaced computer moved back to his office and the new one is ready to be up and running at the front desk tomorrow. Thank goodness for tech support to load our business software, hook up our printers, and get us ready for the day, all through remote access to our computer. That is so bizarre to click on a name on a screen and have them assume control of the mouse and just sit and load information onto your hard drive. I guess it is a good thing we trust these guys as they are accessing important and confidential information! But, I so appreciate them and know that my work with them is not done. Tomorrow, they will continue to add a few more components so I can hopefully do billing and insurance payment entry by the end of the week!

My goal this afternoon was to also get to a stack of folders, and I have to say that I successfully filed a nice little stack. It was enough to give me a sense of accomplishment to a small degree, and keep me motivated to continue to plow through the piles. I also was able to pass along the bathroom cleaning duties at the office to a new person today, so the stress of figuring out how to get them cleaned sufficiently a few times a week has now been lifted as well. It inevitably happened that the day after I would clean the bathrooms, we would have rain, or snow, or something to cause the floors to get all muddied up and ruin the overall appearance. It shouldn't be that difficult to get in to town and find the time to clean them, but between teaching and other work responsibilities, that seemed to always weigh heavy on my mind. I trust now that the job will be done more thoroughly and timely, so I am pleased with the outcome of this change.

School has seemed to suffer the past few days as we sort through the details of all our responsibilities, and fight off the spring/cabin fever. As we wind down and finish a few of our subjects, I have a hard time adding in double lessons or something else to keep us on track. My goal by the end of this week is to map out the rest of our year, see when we need some time off, and work our schedule around it so I can feel good about completing our subjects in a timely, but thorough manner. Jacob finished Teaching Textbooks, Math 7 today, so I am reviewing the TT Pre-Algebra program - but it is spendy! Yikes. I don't want him out or away from math too long, so we will be incorporating some daily practice after giving him the rest of the week off for a job well done.

That's the wrap up for the day - my computer is on backorder so it was delayed yet another week, so we'll just sit tight for awhile where we're at.

Hope you all have a good night!
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2 Responses
  1. Joyce Says:

    Hi, Sarah,
    You sound unbelievably busy. I can tell you're a lot more energetic than me!

    You're so right about the importance of math. That was my week point as a home school mom. It was so difficult to get around to checking the math! Thankfully, one of my daughters was an extremely conscientious helper, so all was well.

    Hope all goes well with the new computer set up.

  2. Tiffany Says:

    Wow--you have to maintain an office and home? I can't even stay on top of keeping my home bathrooms clean. My tub has been calling my name for days...
    As a former math teacher--I totally agree that you don't want too much time to lapse without doing math because skills are easily forgotten. I can also tell you that the best thing your son can work on is getting really good at adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing decimals, fractions, and integers (positive and negative). Just me 2 cents for what it's worth.