TJ -

This morning we spent a little time rocking in our big green recliner. I had a wonderful moment thinking back to when you were just a 4lb, 15ozs baby girl. We had to have you up every couple of hours those first weeks to make sure you were getting enough to eat. We would work to rouse you from your sleep, only to have you fall asleep again while you tried to eat. What you loved though, more than anything, was to sleep on my chest. You arrived early and needed that extra cuddle time to feel warm, safe, and secure.

Sometimes, you still need that cuddle time to help your mood, or just to feel loved. I pray I will always find time to spend it with you. Today, it was in the form of rocking with you on my lap, head on my shoulder. Before long, you will no longer fit in that position. I love that you are growing, changing, and learning, but I will miss our snuggle time.

I love you, TJ. I look forward to many special times together.
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  1. Tiffany Says:

    So sweet, she will cherish these little notes when she grows up!