I am thinking that this will be a multiple post day. I have so much to say, kids to thank, stuff on my heart, wow. Look out fingers are flying. Suppose I had better also teach my children though so we'll see when these posts get done!

I did want to talk a bit about Beth Moore, who was our second leader at the conference. Now, if you haven't heard about Beth Moore, she is founder of Living Proof Ministries and is a great teacher to women. She had an interesting talk, and here are a few nuggets I feel compelled to share.

Beth states that she has a "good" marriage. She doesn't claim it to be great, or awesome, but it is good. And, she is satisfied in that realm. Women are often not satisfied at good. We want great. When we have great, we want awesome. Sound familiar? It did to me. I personally am someone who always thinks something can be better, improved, enriched. But, we need to be careful with this thinking, especially as women, because our men will never measure up if we continue down that line of thinking. So, she stated this, "When your spouse or your marriage isn't enough for you, it doesn't matter. Jesus is enough!" Isn't that the truth? We want to use our husbands as the meter stick to tell us how much we are valued and loved. But, they can't be our all in all. Jesus, however, can give us everything we need. In HIS eyes we're intriguing, we're interesting. In HIM, we are always loved and cherished, each and every day, even if not by your husband. There is no shortage of love in an intimate and personal relationship with Christ.

She challenged us to spend every moment making your spouse feel no regret in choosing you. Belittling and being condescending to your spouse will do you no good. You can't control your husband's mind, or his actions. You can only control your reaction to them. Piggybacking on Gary Thomas, everyone stumbles, and you knew many of your spouse's stumbles before you married him, yet you married him anyway! Regardless of whether you thought you could change him with your will, or if you accepted him as he was, you need to spend your days continuing to choose him.

Marriage is the most powerful, visual symbol on earth of the image of Christ. We have no choice, as Christians, but to honor it as such.

I challenge you today to not fight with your spouse, but to fight for your marriage. Choose your spouse today, first and foremost, second to yourself, second to your whims, your whines, and your will. I challenge you to work on making YOURSELF the best, greatest, most awesome wife you can be. Let that be where you spend your energy rather than in changing your husband. Realize though, you can't do it alone. You will need to center on Jesus to be beautiful from the inside out. Remember, "Seek ye FIRST the kingdom of God, and his righteousness, and (then) all these things will be added unto you." Matthew 6:33

Love them for all their worth.

Until next time...
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3 Responses
  1. Angie Says:

    Sarah, so much information, how do you remember it all to type. I think I will keep my eyes pealed for a seminar to attend like that. There is so much wisdom in their words. I appreciate your posts and look forward to them. I am like a sponge just takin' it all in. Blessings on your day, Angie

  2. Joyce Says:

    Hi, Sarah,
    I really agree with Beth Moore (and you) that the focus needs to be upon oneself, and that we must reach a point of satisfaction with our marriage and our spouse.

    I especially appreciated the admonition: "spend every moment making your spouse feel no regret in choosing you."

  3. Amy Says:

    Whoa!!! Great great words to follow... so so good! So many things are coming at our marriages... and for us to fight with the world and all that the enemy is throwing at us is so ludicrous!
    I love that quote!! Woo hoo! That could be my war cry! :D

    Hugs... Amy

    Oh and just on a side note: Those desserts did NOT even touch these lips.. tho I did sniff them... that is beside the point!! They did not go past the lips or teeth... :D