So, last night it is POURING rain and I need to get the insurance billing out from our office in town. I head in, and as I do, I think to slow down signficantly as I don't want to hydroplane out of control and die. I control my speed, keep safe, and drive cautiously. No problem. Safely arrive at work place.

After work I realize that I am going to have to get a few staples to get us through the next day at least, so I head to the grocery store just down the road. Again, still pouring rain, but luckily I have my coat along to throw over my head (an umbrella at this point would have turned inside out more than once due to the wind!) Upon my return, I jump into my van, look behind me, start backing up, when SMACK!, I get hit on my side back bumper from a gentleman in a pickup truck, backing up from the other row.

First thought: I'm fine, didn't get hurt
Second thought: Great, there goes my car insurance rates
Third thought: I don't want to get out in this rain to check the damage
Fourth thought: My sensors didn't go off - I was out further than he was
Fifth thought: What the heck am I supposed to do now? Get a phone number? Call a policeman? Get insurance info?
Sixth thought: Witnesses? Witnesses? This is so not my fault!
Seventh thought: (As I'm driving out of the parking lot) Oh shoot! I forgot to get my groceries at the drive thru.

All in all, it is not a huge accident, I am fine, but my van has a bit of damage. The bit of damage, which looks to me like it would cost $150 to repair, will most likely end up costing upwards of $2000. That is my guess, of which will be confirmed one way or another tomorrow. My rates will most likely go up, as the agent this AM stated, "In situations such as this, we usually call it mutual negligence by both parties." Huh? I was backing out, the other guy told me he isn't sure he even looked, and the other guy doesn't have a scratch on his truck! That doesn't sound like mutual negligence to me! (Insert frustrated tone here...)

So, bottom line, we'll see how this plays out. I was hugged and greeted by my whole family upon my return home, and my youngest summed it up so nicely: "Mom, I am really glad you're okay. We do get bored of you, but it is nice to have you around." Gee, thanks for the glowing endorsement.

I am thankful that it wasn't worse, that I didn't hydroplane and die, and that I made it home safe and sound to my family. The Lord continues to have a plan for me, and if it includes an increase in my car insurance, I guess I'll have to go with that! :)
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5 Responses
  1. Joyce Says:

    Oh, that little stinker! Considering it comes from the youngest though, I would probably accept it as a compliment. :P

    I'm so glad you didn't hydroplane, too. That is so scary, and (potentially) dangerous.

  2. Amy Says:

    Oh lordie lordie... so glad that you are ok!!! Heesh! Hate fender benders... no likie them mucho. They are such pains in the hiney and so inconvenient. So glad that you are ok, my friend.... so so glad!

  3. Jen Says:

    Im glad you are okay...when you were going over all of this in your head...i thought of the rain as well....

  4. Angie Says:

    Sarah, I am so glad you are okay! Every thought you thought I have thought of too when I was in my accident. Luckily though it wasn't raining. A new day tomorrow with your family unharmed. What a blessing~

  5. Melanie Says:

    Oh, how unnerving! I can't see how it could be mutual negligence. We have "no fault" here in Florida - amounts to the same thing. Our rates go up too when we have an accident even if it's not our own fault. Glad you were okay but what a bummer!