The sneezing from the overload of dust has subsided, and the spring cleaning frenzy is underway. My dh was originally planning on taking a golf trip with some of his friends this week, but due to weather conditions, an eye infection, and a number of other commitments, he decided to stay put with us. While I am sad he didn't get to go play golf, I am so happy to have him home with us and we made the most of it yesterday as he took a mental health day and worked on some projects.

So, we tackled the elusive master bedroom closet. We sorted clothes, made piles for Goodwill, added rags to the rag bag, and threw away a lot of worn out shoes! It is amazing what we keep over time...I find I wear only a few outfits during the week, unless I have to leave the house! I hate to admit it but some things had been thrown in a bag and left for naught deep in the recesses of the closet, dating back to breast feeding days. So, if you want to do the math, my baby is 6 years old...Yikes! I'm not going to say that my closet hasn't been cleaned in that amount of time, because it has. It has been vacuumed, dusted, resorted, and reorganized. BUT, I'll admit, I have always thrown the bags back under the clothes because I didn't want to sort and deal with the contents. NOT THIS TIME! Nothing will go unsorted or without a home. A proper home. I will organize and conquer.

I'm without a car today so I have no choice but to stay put and get 'er done. My plan is to finish the master closet and my dresser drawers (the top two are left to sort out - HATE those two drawers....) :) My other biggest nemesis - jewelry. I don't have a special drawer available or anthing to lay out my necklaces, so I'm trying to find a creative and efficient way to store them. Any ideas would be appreciated!!

For today, then, I am going to finish our bedroom, and hopefully move to my office/school room. Once again, it is WAY out of control. Maybe I'll snap some before and after pics, but I might be too embarrassed to post them.

Need to finish up some schoolwork first before I can be free to be cleaning. All that stands between me and my dustrag are some cell processes, composition memoirs, spelling tests, and a literature discussion.

Have a great day everyone! God's blessings for a day filled with joy and contentment.
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  1. Hey Sarah! I found a key rack to hang my necklaces on. It's just a board with some small hooks on it. The I sorted my necklaces onto the hooks. Voila!

  2. Angie Says:

    Sarah I will be totally emabarressed my closet to. After you mentioned cleaning yours, I thought oh my goodness me too! So alas during my Spring Break I will conquer that big beast! My necklace I hang on the light bulbs in my bathroom that go over our mirror. Sorry I am not a big help on that. The previous commment was a great idea!
    have a great weekend. Ang

  3. Joyce Says:

    Hi, Sarah,
    Sounds like you're making excellent headway on the decluttering project. Congrats!

    My 17year old daughter just reminded me that my thoughts need to be focused on college campus visits over spring break, NOT on spring cleaning. Sigh! She's right. So, that's what we will be doing soon.

  4. Tiffany Says:

    It always feels so good to declutter. I cleaned out my drawers and closet during American Idol the other night. I got rid of two trash bags of clothes! And, found some dresses and things I didn't even remember that I had. I've gone down a size since last summer so I'm hoping to fit back into some of these cute summer dresses.
    Did you finish??