Wow, days like this make suffering through the whole winter worthwhile. Well, pretty much. Well, maybe a little. We have had a string of good weather and it has plans to continue through the weekend. Springtime is such a time of new beginnings, and I am already getting the itch to plant my garden. Frost will prohibit that for at least 6 weeks or so, but there is no reason why I can't plan! My FIL gave me an extra gardening catalog yesterday, so my plan is to sit on the front porch for a brief respite sometime this afternoon to peruse through it and daydream a bit.

Last year, our garden bounty was based on:
Tomatoes (Roma, heirloom, Early girl, Better Boy, pear)
Peppers (yellow, red, green)
Pea pods
Green beans
Yellow squash
Zucchini squash
Acorn squash

This year, I'd like to add carrots, onions, and whatever else I can fit in without too much extra work - ha. I also have herbs in planters, and I would like to find a spot for a bed to have a dedicated herb garden.

The children are out on lunch break right now spraying all the boxelder bugs that have emerged with a soap water solution. This seems to curb the population somewhat, but my children find daily amusement in trying to stifle and wipe out the burgeoning colonies. I'll take boxelder bugs anyday if it would prolong the emergence of the ticks and the gnats. Gnat season is a hard one to reckon with, and it is so severe (in my eyes) that it drives me inside. It typically coincides with late season garden planting, so I can count on extra visitors accompanying me to the garden plot. Thank goodness for the SD winds that typically pummel us and keep them at bay for a time.

Well, the droning of this boring and uneventful post must come to a close. If you survived to the end of my rambling, I'm sorry you had to suffer through it. I'll try to recharge my brain and create some exciting entries in the near future. :)
You know, ones of the woes of trying to buy two computers, making sure you have all the right options, and still get it as cheap as you possibly can...

I'll save you the agony. It's done, over with, and hopefully they'll be shipped soon.

May God bless your day!
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