My dh is a March madness freak. He loves this time of year, watching basketball games, predicting winners, and enjoying the thrill of having his teams advance. This year, he set up a little "ice cream pool" for our children. All of them made their picks on the tournament brackets, and now we can all experience the victories and defeats together. Winner of the pool gets free ice cream, courtesy of all the losers. And, they can order ANYTHING they want! As Jeff Probst from "Survivor" would say, "Worth playin' for?" A resounding "yes" from my kiddos - they'll take ice cream any day!

So, JT was helping TJ make her picks, and I hear her say, "Well, I'm certainly not going to pick a team that I can't even pronounce!" Sounds like a good strategy to me. Yet, she somehow ended up picking Gonzaga to the final four. Could happen I guess!

Brad and I are planning a dinner out tomorrow night to celebrate our anniversary. We don't typically exchange gifts, but I want to do something special. Have to think and ponder that for the day.

We're looking at another beautiful day here, so I'm off to get school started and finished so we can spend some time outdoors again. Need to enjoy it while it lasts because I am sure we'll get one more blast of cold before it's all said and done.

Okay, I've resorted to talking about weather, so it's time to close. Bear with me. One of these days it will be worth your time and energy to stop by. :)

Have a great day in the Lord!
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  1. Joyce Says:

    Hi, Sarah,
    Of course it was worthwhile stopping by! You actually posted. Me - I've been relaxing a bit too much on Facebook, or running too many errands. At any rate, I'm not sure what exactly I will post today. I need to have dinner ready early this evening, since Seth has a middle school choir concert this evening.

    Hope you all got to spend some time outdoors!