Outside my window...blustery, very windy, rainy day, but the grass is showing very early signs of turning green

I am thinking...I am hoping to have a very productive day today, so need to get on it soon

I am thankful for...not being injured in a little parking lot fender bender last night.

From the learning rooms...composition, spelling, history, science, literature, and math on the schedule today

From the kitchen...chili today with bread

I am pants, pink workout shirt, and gray sweatshirt

I am creating...a clean office/school room to prepare for my new computer

I am get JT back on track with his piano lessons this week

I am reading...just The Love Dare (yes, still!) but I am desiring a good read for later this week when Brad is gone

I am hoping...Brad has a safe trip as he takes a few days with his friends to try and do some golfing. I am also hoping the weather is conducive for golf in Missouri

I am hearing...nothing - peace and quiet and solitude at the moment...ahhhhh.

Around the house...I'm giving myself a week to get everything back in order including the storage room. Hopefully, this time next week, the house will be in top notch shape

One of my favorite things...soup on a cold day

A few plans for the rest of the week: estimates for the van repair, new bible study with friends, church, hanging out with my kiddos while daddy is gone

Here is picture thought I am sharing...sorry, no picture today - laptop isn't up to the strain! :)

Have a blessed week!
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2 Responses
  1. Karen Says:

    Hi Sarah,
    Stopping in by way of Jen's place. I'm glad your fender bender was minor. And hearing "nothing" -- a peace that only mom's can truly appreciate! Enjoyed your daybook.

  2. Tiffany Says:

    I love soup on a cold day too! Too bad we don't have more cold days...
    We were eating soup almost daily during our month or so of winter.
    Hope your van repair won't be too much--that stinks!