We're going to head out for a few days and enjoy some time as a family. Brad has continuing education Friday and Saturday, so we decided to make it an extra long weekend in order to spend some time with him after he completes his coursework. I'll have pictures of our destination when we return!

I MUST get going on my packing - I've been sidetracked this morning trying to transfer data/pictures from old to new using my external modem. Unfortunately, it's giving me lots of fits. I keep giving myself 10 more minutes to make it work, and now I've wasted a good amount of time. So, this is the last 10 minutes and then I'm going to have to wait until I return to get it figured out. You know how I hate to leave something undone. :(

Anyway, hope you all have a good weekend. I'm sure I'll have pictures and stories to share upon my return.

UPDATE: Of course, I couldn't step away and leave it hanging over my head all weekend. I got it - pictures transferred! But, now I'm REALLY behind the eight ball! :)

Until next time...
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5 Responses
  1. Joyce Says:

    Have a wonderful time with your family, Sarah.

    Hope you get the "picture" problem worked out. :)

  2. Angie Says:

    Sarah, may you and your family enjoy your time together and have safe travels. Hope the weather is awesome for you!

  3. Tiffany Says:

    Enjoy your weekend! I love escaping the whirlwind, I could use an escape as we speak!
    I know what you mean about leaving things undone. It would have bugged me too. Glad you got it taken care of. Now you can really rest this weekend.

  4. Melanie Says:

    Sarah, have a wonderful time. Can't wait to hear all about it when you return!

  5. Barbara Says:

    Hope you have a wonderful time... I love escaping for a long weekend...Hope you share it when you blessed