To sit and look at a new computer and not be able to even get it plugged in? Well, sitting and looking at it is an exaggeration. I haven't sat until now, and that's to type on my old computer, while I drool at the new one, halfway unboxed, with the monitor sitting silently and lonely on my desk, longlingly desiring to be connected to its counterpart, and ultimately, to be turned on. :)

Remember how I had set the rule that unless I had my desk cleaned off and everything neatly filed in its place, I would not be able to set up my computer? Well, I did what I had to do. Met my goal and deadline. Computer was set to be delivered yesterday, confirmed through the Fed Ex tracking system, and I waited with bated breath until finally, at midnight last night, I realized that there would be no package for me.

Meanwhile, while I sat and questioned why, oh why my computer had not arrived, I received a phone call that my aunt would be coming by ambulance to my city today to have an angiogram and a shunt placed to appease some unstable angina. My cousin called to see if I would be able to watch her three children (5 months, 2, and 5) while she was at the hospital, and I figured I could do so - what's six children when you already have three? (Well, double, and I soon found that out!) Anyway, long story short, we booked through some school lessons this morning, cleaned quick to ensure an immaculate (HA!) place for everyone to lay their head tonight, and then opened the doors for the little ones. Needless to say, all hands were busy, and my children were wonderful in their endeavors to entertain the extra bodies who wanted some TLC and attention. Somehow, I managed to make supper with one hand as I was always holding a very happy infant, but when the doorbell rang at 5:30, I knew the uniformed man on the other side of the glass was bringing presents. I felt like a kid on Christmas Eve who has 12 hours until presents can be opened, except my hours will probably transpire to an entire day.

So, rather than rushing through the process at this time of the night as all the bodies (with the exception of my three) are snugly tucked in their sleeping bags and pack-n-plays, I instead choose to experience delayed gratification and sit and stare and ponder what joy will befall me tomorrow evening when I sit alone, with my keyboard, and all will be right with the world again.

Yes, I do need to get a life.

By this time of night tomorrow, I hope to have it.

(And, please understand, there IS much more to my life than pining away for my computer...and chances are, I'll continue to tell you about it, whether you like it or not. ;))

Until then...
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4 Responses
  1. Christine Says:

    Well now that the computer showed up...what's next? It always happens that way to, the day we are home and things are calm and you are ready to receive something it doesn't show up. Things get a buzzing and poof...there it is! lol

    Have a great Easter!

  2. Amy Says:

    Yay for Sarah!! You did it girl.. I have to say that you have more self control than I would in that situation.. but weeeee hooooo!! Desk all clean, and now it's time to play!


  3. Angie Says:

    Oh my you make a girl laugh! We all see ourselves in your words believe me. Getting on the computer is like brushing our teeth, it is just part of our day! Enjoy your new girl and may she bring joy to your fingers!

  4. Joyce Says:

    Sarah, I understand perfectly! A wonderful new computer...Of course that's exciting!!!

    I hope your aunt is doing well. Sounds like you had some excellent helpers during that busy time.