I am excited to head to church tonight...I like the somberness of the Good Friday church service. I love the fact that the focus tonight is on the death of Christ and the importance of this HUGE sacrifice. That may sound crass and dark, but, by focusing on the agony, the pain, and the torture that my Lord Jesus Christ endured, I am much more able to see the contrast on Easter morning. I am able to partially feel and suffer along with Christ as he took my sins upon his shoulders and, with all finality, cast them into the depths of the ocean, never to be seen again.

Today, I dwell on the depth of this sacrifice, the pain, the agony, the doom, and the despair. Today, I thank and praise my Lord for bearing my sins and the sins of all mankind. Today, I reflect on the awesomeness of this pain. Today, I ponder how horrible it would be to lose a child. Today, I inwardly reflect on the blackness of my soul.

Today, I want to feel the burden, for soon it will be removed, never to return.

Today, I ponder his great suffering.

Thank you, Lord Jesus.
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  1. Amy Says:

    Hi friend!

    Hoping your Good Friday was all that you had wanted and hoped for.
    I just dawned on me, in the middle of worship last night, how truly unjust and twisted the whole trial of Jesus was. My pastor had shared the week prior about all the Jewish laws that were broken on the night that they came for Jesus.
    It was very eyeopening to hear how completely framed Jesus was. The whole thing was such a crooked sham.

    1. Jewish law prohibited a man be arrested after sundown with NO witnesses.
    2. Trials were prohibited under the cover of night.

    And after hearing the scriptures read last night, and hearing how Pilate asked Jesus, "Have you nothing to say? Have you nothing to say to defend yourself?"

    And Jesus said nothing.

    He knew very well all the Jewish laws that had been broken to get him to this point.
    He had rights.
    He could have pulled His "rights" card because He truely was innocent.

    He didn't.

    We were singing, "Above All", and I about lost it on the platform... it just all hit me that Jesus knew what He came to do.
    And "we were the prize that was set before Him"
    And He chose to press through and go to the cross for me.

    Hugs.. Amy