We've had all three in the past 24 hours. The Lord blanketed the area with a beautiful cover of white over the past day. If a snowstorm like this hits in December, we stay home. When it hits in April, we shrug it off, and figure we'll go anywhere we need to. Half of the 6 to 8 inches we received is already melted, and the other half is well on its way to disappearing. The sun is out, and with all its power and glory, it is blindingly bright against the fresh white canvas.

I am the only one inside at the moment, and enjoying some silence and solitude. Brad has ventured out to visit with his brother for a bit, and the kiddos are outside for one last adventure in the snow. I have a bit of a cold, nothing serious, but enough to make me want to curl up on the couch and take a good nap. The temptation is strong, but I am going to resist in order to finish working on the office and hopefully check this room off my list for good. With any bit of luck, my computer is scheduled to arrive tomorrow, and I promised myself I wouldn't open it if the office and school room wasn't organized and clean. so, that's pretty good motivation for me as I am tired of sharing! :)

Like I said, I am enjoying the quiet, and have no music or anything playing in the background. I find, as I am getting older, that these types of quiet moments are few and far between, but I love to not fill them with any "noise". I pray I can become better about sitting still during these moments of solitude in order to hear God's voice. I am often too busy moving from one thing to the next that I don't take the time to reflect and "Be still and know that He is God." Our pastor noted today that often times we pray for guidance but never stop long enough to actually listen to what God has to say. We are so busy moving on and taking care of problems on our own that we don't necessarily follow God's direction. I was quite convicted of this as times of peace and rest are few and far between, often from my own doing. My prayer is that I can look and listen for God's direction, before I act and speak of my own accord.

Off to spend some quiet time with him BEFORE I resume the organization 101. Have a great day in Him!
5 Responses
  1. Tiffany Says:

    Snow??? Snow??? I can't imagine it! Can I come visit? Actually, after spending two weeks in the frigid north in January (were you reading my blog then?) I think I've seen enough snow to last a year or so. I can't imagine living in the north although in July I'll wish we lived up north.
    I am so right there with you about being so busy and not stopping and slowing down and fellowshipping with God. I am seriously working on destressing and that is one of my goals--learn to sit quietly and do nothing else.

  2. Amy Says:

    mmm that snow sounds fabulous!

    Hope you had a wonderful first day of holy week!!

    Hugs.. Amy

  3. Melanie Says:

    I'm glad you're enjoying your quiet time. I love those times as well. Hope your cold doesn't develop into anything more. have a lovely day.

  4. Barbara Says:

    Quiet wonderful...enjoy it while it lasts. Your post about your pastor's message is something that hits home. Often I ask God for direction and then proceed to try to fix it myself without waiting. I needed that reminder today. Thanks

  5. Joyce Says:

    Hi, Sarah,
    I do hope you feel completely recovered soon. :)
    From reading your blog, it seems to me that you are in one of the busiest seasons of life. Yet, as you have said, at all times it is important to put the Lord first, and be quiet before Him, looking to Him for guidance. I pray He may enable you to do that, and me, too!