It's already almost 11am and not much has been accomplished today. Seems like I wait for the rainy days to come by and then when they do, I whittle away the time drinking coffee and contemplating my "to do" list.

Days like today, though, do let you sit back and rearrange the priorities a bit. While bright, warm days necessitate garden time, mowing, and outside work, days like today allow me time to get the laundry caught up, find the floors that somehow get cluttered even though we are outside more often, and spend some time doing desk work. I just love rainy days.

While I am already behind the eight ball in the time element, I still have big plans. So, today, here is my list:

Clean basement
Reorganize school room
Children complete character sketch essay
Registrations for camps
VBS flier
VBS sign ups
Practice skit with children for Sunday's service
Plan and cook evening meal
Visit Grandpa in nursing home

Off to start the process...we'll see how far I get! :)

Have a blessed day in the Lord!
5 Responses
  1. Tiffany Says:

    I also have big ambitions for my day as's already 1:30 and I haven't made a dent in the house stuff. The kids are schooled though so that's a big accomplishment. I am striving for order in our main living spaces today. Oh and laundry!

  2. Karen Says:

    I know just what you mean about whittling away the time on rainy days! I do the same thing. I should throw in the towel and just read a book on those days. Great list and it looks like lots of summer preparation going on. Enjoy the day:)

  3. Joyce Says:

    Hope you enjoyed your busy day. I had a wonderful time with daughters Rebecca and Lydia after school. We ran some fun errands, such as ordering an ice cream cake for granddaughter Carly who turns one this Friday.

    I enjoy the cozy, slower-paced rainy days, too.

  4. Bonnie Says:

    I love a good rainy day ... if I don't have to go out ! :) Looks like you had a lot on your list. How did you go ? Did you get it all done ? Hope you feel you accomplished something even if not the whole list ... or even any of it. Sometimes, it's good just to rest ...

  5. Jen Says:

    My day started crazy yesterday and I was still going at church last night at 8pm....VBS decorating will wear you out. Going back today. Your schedule sounds like mine.....