Hi everyone!

Well, the rainy day has come and gone and we are heading back to 80+ degrees today. My list? Well, I did get SOME of the items off but, of course, the list was a bit more ambitious than I was. ;)

Here is the original list...
Clean basement
Reorganize school room
Children complete character sketch essay
Registrations for camps
VBS flier
VBS sign ups
Practice skit with children for Sunday's service
Plan and cook evening meal
Visit Grandpa in nursing home

And, here is what I have left...
Reorganize school room
Children complete character sketch essay (1 got done, 1 still in progress)
Registrations for camps
VBS flier
Visit Grandpa in nursing home

So, it is a bit improved, but I also was able to weed the garden at the end of the day, and managed to sit on the front porch for a bit, so all in all, it was a successful rainy day. :)

Today, I am filling out our calendar and looking to see how we can fit some schoolwork in between all the activities. :) I not only want to finish up everything from this year, but want to get a jump start on next as well. This allows us the ultimate flexibility to travel in the fall and spring if we want to, and helps when I have to work at Brad's office occasionally.

Summer school is going to be casual though, and here is what I hope to accomplish: (I'm obviously into making lists right now! I seem to be so much better at making them, though, than accomplishing what's on them...)

Complete last two science units
Spelling (new list each week)
Cooking camp
Household management camp
Daily reading
Art 2x/week
Restart piano lessons
Daily math practice (pre-algebra prep...nailing down the basics!)

So, hopefully I can get this organized into a plan of attack very soon, and we can get down to the business at hand. We will take weeks off here and there (for my sanity as well as my kiddos) so I anticipate it to be a fun summer.

Yesterday, my oldest was figuring out that he will never be able to buy everything he wants to play with in his childhood years, so he is feeling the desperation of this situation. His amount of cash accrual is not equaling his desire for cash outflow. So, he is shamelessly seeking gainful employment. So, yesterday he made a sign that he put on his front and back, advertising "Happy Housecleaning. Fast and efishint." (His spelling, not mine. ;)) JT hired him to clean his room, so he was able to make a fast $1 there as his room is probably the cleanest one in the house. However, much to his chagrin, his mother did not have any duties for him, stating that his allowance was providing adequate compensation for the jobs she needed him to do. He proceeded to lament the fact that allowances are only paid once a week, and he needed to make some money on a daily basis. He then decided to write a business letter (we learned how to do that in composition last week - good to see the school work going to good use!) to his father, outlining a business proposal in which he would be responsible for push mowing the clinic lawn.

Dear Mr. B,

I have hear that you need a mower for your work; I may be able to help. For jest $50, this will cover gas, oil changes, and transportation.

$11 for gas, $3 set aside for oil change, $1 for transportation each way, equals $15. That would be reduced from the cost for your expenses. I am vary excited for this job. I hope you will agree.



Problem is, we are not sure he's tall enough to even push the mower, so there may be a slight kink in his plans.

I guess I better get the stuff out and have him wash the windows at least and earn an extra buck or two - gotta give the kid a bone when he works so hard to play the part, don't you?

So, if you need a good hired hand, I have a child desperately seeking employment. Sounds like he'll do almost anything. And, if you can request a business letter, that would make the teacher happy, too.

Have a great day - of to make a list, and hopefully check something off it, too!
2 Responses
  1. Karen Says:

    It's so great that he has ambition. I agree, give him an extra chore and pay him, if he wants to put forth the extra effort,

  2. Jen Says:

    You are a list maker. lol. I think the cooking class this summer will be need to write about it...