I figured since I posted some good girly girl pictures of my daughter lately - seriously, how much more girly can you get than being dressed in a wedding dress? - it was time to share a little bit about the boys. The boys have been enduring cold temperatures, WELL out of the normal range for fall around here, to play flag football through the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Both boys have previously been involved in the tackle football program, but this year we made the switch to flag for a number of reasons. The tackle program was quite intense for practice and game schedule, which was doubly intensive due to having boys in two separate age groups. Plus, we wanted to give them a chance to experience a variety of positions rather than be locked into one. Finally, the devotions and comradarie with other Christian athletes naturally drew us in, so we jumped in and made the switch.

It's been an interesting season, and fraught with rain and snow delays and changes. Overall, I think both boys have enjoyed the process, and they will finish their season this coming Sunday afternoon with make up games and awards. In anticipation, I thought I would post a few pics of the action...

We're off to church activities and a great father-in-law! Hope you all have a great rest of the day!
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