When we were at my mom's this past weekend, my daughter came up from the basement all decked out in this beautiful wedding dress:

I about had a fit, thinking she had rummaged through my mom's heirloom items to pull out this dress. But, my mom, in true giving fashion, stated that she had pulled it out for the kids to wear as dress up since it wasn't doing anybody any good being stored in a bag in the back of a closet.

I was pondering that today, as I think about the things I don't use - saving them for a special occasion, or for a later date. How many candles do I have that are mere decoration, but have scents that would warm the house if I just lit them? Why do special dishes get stored away to use but once or twice a year? Is my family not special enough to periodically pull them out and make a memory just for the fun of it?

I like my mom's attitude. She brought such joy to my daughter and all her other granddaughters as well. Sharing such a special piece of her past, and seeing the joy of her grandkids as they "ooo" and "aahhh" over such a beautiful dress...what a blessing.

It seems I do this with God's love as well. I store it internally, keeping it to myself, pondering and thinking about how I can share it with others, but never quite taking that step out of my comfort zone. Thoughts of "there will be a better time", "I'm not quite ready", or "I might be rejected" all take center stage. I can justify it quite easily...I have hopes of people just seeing the joy radiating from me and then THEY'LL ask ME about what makes me tick...rather than me taking the first step.

I like my comfort zone. I like the boundaries that I have set up - the comfortableness of this lackadaisical attitude. But, that's not what I've been called to do. God didn't accept me into his kingdom only to have me take up space and sit idly by. He commissioned me to get my bum in gear and reach out to others. He's challenging me today to do that.

And every day.

I want to make my baby steps into giant leaps. I pray he gives me springs on my shoes.
3 Responses
  1. Karen Says:

    Beautifully written, Sarah. I love that your mom is letting the girls play with the dress. It will mean much more to them than just seeing it worn in a picture in a photo album.

    And great analogy about the Word. It means so much more when we live it.

  2. Joyce Says:

    Hi, Sarah,
    I love your mom's generosity and thoughtfulness. <3

  3. Bonnie Says:

    Great post ! Love the dress and love the attitude your Mom has towards life ! Neat.