I have an ongoing issue this summer with all the produce coming in...well, it's an issue every summer, but for some reason, it is particularly exasperating this year. My fridge is too small to hold everything!

I have discovered, since we made an extra conscious effort to eat healthy, that my fridge is rapidly decreasing in size. I am constantly rotating to get something out of the back, move it to the front, to find that I need the thingamabob in the back again. Ugh. With the usual big bag of beans, cucumbers, refrigerator pickles, beet pickles, milk, juice, and what-not, the leftover space is minimal. Then, I bring home spinach, watermelon, cantaloupe, grapes, and pineapple from the store- what to do? I already keep apples and bananas on the counter, so my fridge space is in a constant state of rotation. Good thing I used to work in a grocery store so I know how to "face" my shelves. I seriously just want to do an "about-face" every time I open the door.

What a dilemma...but, a blessing in disguise. I'm thankful that we have refrigerator full of food, and jobs to provide the money to purchase it.

I guess the dilemma isn't so problematic after all.
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  1. Melanie Says:

    I understand about the dilemma of the decreasing fridge. But it is so lovely to open it up and see all that wonderful healthy stuff! Enjoy!