Beginning last Thursday, we started a streak of daily fun. Well, every day is fun, but this was a different type of fun - it was planned, detailed, executed in a non-spontaneous way, fun. :) JT's birthday started the daily onslaught of excitement, and each day brought new adventure.

We started with this, on a beautiful day, one of the few warm enough to actually get in the water. (Words I never thought I would speak in the middle of summer in South Dakota!)

The next morning, we got up early to travel a couple of hours to meet Grandma, Aunt Rebecca, and some cousins - Micah, Martha, Emma, Cade, and Max. We did some of this:

Now, Saturday, I had to get a bunch of these picked: But, when I finished, we didn't do anything with them but stick them in the fridge, because we had to get ready for hosting this down at our neighborhood cabana:

Sunday dawned bright and beautiful, and, once again, we were off! This time it was to participate in this:

So amazing - God has given these pilots such talent and I am so proud to be an American!

Needless to say, after doing all of those fun excursions, reality had to hit, and it did - the garden doesn't stop growing, so besides the beans that had to be done from last Saturday, we got these too: That meant the kids had to do more of this:
Which, ultimately, turns into this:

But, in the end, we truly had fun doing all of that!
6 Responses
  1. Joyce Says:

    Congratulations to you and the children on getting all those green beans put up, Sarah!

    Your organized fun looked delightful! Happy belated birthday to your dear son.

  2. Bonnie Says:

    Wow ! Lots of fun happening at your place !! And lots of hard work paying off too ...

  3. Jen Says:

    How many beans did you have to do all that? I froze my beans but my aunt gave me her canner to can some...I'am canning tomatoes tomorrow though...and looking forward to it....

  4. Barbara Says:

    what a wonderful...albeit busy time you are having this summer...what wonderful times with family and friends. I've missed your posts since I have been a bit sidetracked lately. Glad you are enjoying the summer...have a blessed week

  5. Melanie Says:

    Wow - what a lot of fun you all had! Happy birthday to JT!

  6. Amy Says:

    Well hey Sarah Sarah! How did I miss this most recent post??? gah!!! And with SOOO many pictures... my favorite!

    Love all your summer happenings with all the pics attached... yay!! I get to SEEEEEE!! green beenies too!!

    So now tell me, when you preserve them, do you preserve them with a bunch of salt and water? How do ya do that?

    Hugs.. and I am going to take some time to read your friends post tonite! Sounds like God is speaking to alot of people about the same stuff. cool!

    ~ A