My brother and family just left after spending three days with us on their way home from the Black Hills. We played some games, hung out, and the boys were able to get out and golf once as well. He helped me pick beans (yea!) and we just enjoyed the fellowship. The kids had a wonderful time with their cousins, and my daughter was near tears this morning as she realized her one year younger play mate would be leaving after being virtually inseparable for the past few days.

Now, it's back to to be done, phone calls to make, garden to be picked -all the things that quickly go by the wayside when more fun activities are at hand. It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood as well, so I hope to spend a bit of time with my bible on the front porch.

Praising God on this glorious day!
3 Responses
  1. Amy Says:

    Ahhh.... your sweetie girl.. it is so hard to say goodbye.. it is! So glad that your visit was so fun and refreshing.. it is kind of bittersweet don't ya think? Sad to see them go, but also really happy to get back to normal and have your home/schedule back too...

    hugs.. A

  2. Bonnie Says:

    How sweet that they are so close !!

  3. Bee Jay Says:

    So glad you had such a good visit with your brother and his family