It's back to school this morning, but not before I spend a few minutes sharing how wonderful our weekend was! The weekend was absolutely beautiful, and had a full moon to boot! We spent part of Saturday celebrating our nephew's birthday with a picnic and a trip to the zoo. The rest of the day was a combination of front porch time, reading, cooking, and being together as a family.

Sunday was such an exciting day - we ventured out to Lifelight. Lifelight is the largest free Christian music festival in the United States. Three days worth of people brought well over 300,000 people from my understanding. We ventured out to the venue (a field) on Sunday afternoon to listen to Decemberadio, Andrew Palau, Lincoln Brewster, and the Newsboys. What an exciting and uplifting time this was! To be immersed in God's message of truth and life, sitting and standing and praising God amongst thousands of other Christians...words fail to express the emotion. From my understanding, many unbelievers attend as well, and I think they would be hard pressed to walk away without feeling the Spirit!

Honestly, though, what touched my heart more than anything was seeing TJ, JT, and JD worshipping their Lord and Savior with hands raised up, singing along with all the Newsboys songs that they knew - glorifying God and praising him. My prayer for them is to have this faith ALL through their life! Andrew Palau spoke of being wayward for 27 years - it doesn't matter if you have a pastor as a father, or are raised in the most biblical of homes. Children with the best parenting in the world still stray from the path they were raised in. But, Andrew's parents did the only things they could - they loved him, prayed for him unceasingly, and continued to speak the word of truth to him. Eventually, (27 years later!) Andrew recommitted his life to the Lord. It gives hope to me as a parent, but I think it is also important for my kids to hear of these things that pull them away from what they believe - alcohol, drugs, pornography, and much more can lure them away from God. Standing firm through the trials and temptations is extremely difficult, but ultimately rewarding. I pray they came away from Lifelight with that message!

Andrew Palau:

Main stage:
Rockin' out with Lincoln Brewster:

May God continue to bless and keep our families safe in his fold, now and forevemore!
4 Responses
  1. Joyce Says:

    What a blessing to see your children joyfully worshiping the Lord, Sarah! May they grow to love Him more and more.

  2. Karen Says:

    What an awesome experience for you to share with your family!

  3. Melanie Says:

    Sounds like you had a blessed time! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Tiffany Says:

    How awesome! That is cool that your kids were out there worshipping too and hearing and experiencing it all.