Two weeks ago, we set up camp in our "East 40" (although it is certainly not 40 acres, but it sounds cool) and had ourselves a little staycation. Brad mowed a section out of our long grass, which eventually will be our orchard someday. In the meantime, it makes a perfect site for a couple of tents, a campfire, some lawn chairs, and family fun.

Breakfast for supper - nothing wrong with that!

The campsite...

Watching the day end...

The day was waning, the moon arisin', and the world was settling down for the night. Unfortunately for me, no air mattress in my tent means mom sleeps inside tonight! Being married to a chiropractor is awesome, but I don't like to provide him any extra work if I can avoid it! While I love to camp, I do have my requirements, and an air mattress on the lumpy, bumpy ground is a must. Lo and behold, our big air mattress doesn't fit inside our tent door when it is already blown up, and we didn't have enough cord to run electric to the tent, so, I headed in to our house (and my nice warm bed) while everyone else roughed it outside. It got down to 42 degrees that night as well, so all of them snuggling together in one tent was a great idea! I wouldn't have fit anyway with that sleeping plan!

The next morning, the campers awoke to a gorgeous day, complete with fog over the foothills and the sun peaking through. What a glorious scene to behold prior to heading to church!

Amazingly enough, that was the first time we had our tents out this summer, and hopefully we'll be able to get them out a time or two again yet this fall. All I know, is whether we take a big vacation, or stay at home, when families are together, memories are made!
5 Responses
  1. Bonnie Says:

    This is wonderful Sarah !! How amazing that you have so much room on your land that you can camp in your future orchard !!! Love the fun family activities that went on and that you were able to sleep inside ! Your chiropractor comment made me laugh !! Glad you had such a great staycation !!

  2. Tiffany Says:

    How fun to get to camp in your own yard! And how nice that you could go inside and sleep in your own bed... :0)
    That will be a special memory for your kids.

  3. Bee Jay Says:

    I can just imagine your 3 kids in years to come talking amongst themselves and saying "remember when?" or even telling their own children "when I was a kid..."

  4. Joyce Says:

    That sounds like a precious family time, Sarah. I hope you get to do this again this fall. :)

  5. Melanie Says:

    How lovely to be able to have a camp in your own backyard! I too have to have my air mattress. I rough it to a certain extent but I draw the line with a sleeping bag and lumpy ground! Have a lovely day.