I've just gotten back to the "home page" after going out and visiting many of you. I am SOOOO happy about how many have picked up Fireproof and The Love Dare. It's fun to see others excited about what you are excited about, know what I mean? And, if I use excited one more time in this paragraph, someone reach into the computer and pull off my pinky finger.

Also, thanks to all of you who have actually found me in my newly updated, correctly spelled, fully caffeinated, coffee zone. I feel so much more at home in this location now that I am wrapped in the assurance that someone who types in my blog addy as it was intended, would actually not be hit with a "page not found" error. Some would lie awake at night wondering what the full ramifications of such an error would be, but, certainly I would never do something such as that, overthinking any given situation. Okay, I tend to over analyze just a weeeeeee bit which you will grow to love (or hate) about me as you continue to see my true colors on this blog.

Speaking of being hit, do you know that the minute I started creating my new blog the other day, I had an immediate follower! Wow, I was sooooo excited! (UGH, that word again) Anyway, I thought to myself that it would be important to welcome the first newcomer to this address, so I clicked on it and BOOM! I immediately had spanish pentecostal music blaring through my computer and no amount of hitting an X, ctrl-alt-delete or anything else would shut 'er down. YIKES! Trouble hit me hard. Immediately, my computer flashed up that I had 19 viruses and I must attend to them because they were critical errors.

Of course, my first thought was how much of my blog transfer had saved prior to this happening - I didn't want to have to cut and paste again....

Then, my second thought was why the much acclaimed McAfee software hadn't kicked in and blocked all this crap...I paid good money for this security software that constantly updates and slows my laptop down to a crawl - it had better beat the living daylights out of these viruses!!! Well, once I sat back and realized that I had been hit with VirusDoctor and it was a spoof virus warning getting me to download software to "repair" it. Whew! So, I calmly instructed McAfee to run a full virus scan on my entire computer (which took hours I may add) and simply felt the need to switch over to our other computer to continue to fix my much over thought blog so I could actually sleep that night.

Needless to say, incoming newcomer was completely blocked and is now out of the way. But, sorry to say, I did enable some comment moderation initially just to make sure I didn't get a repeat visit. Sorry about that inconvenience.

Anyway, guess I shared a bunch about my "ordeal" which was really nothing, but fun to write about anyway.

Off to make shepherd's pie and clean the basement.

What fun.
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5 Responses
  1. Christine Says:

    OK...My main concern was that I'd never find ya under the new spelling...since the way I first found ya was through the misspelled version! I just posted Day one of the dare and on Day two today. I will always lvoe you for that post! Day one really convicted me, big time. When you get a chance and swing by and lets compare notes! Hugs and love what you have done to the new place!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Happy Friday! I'm glad that my post with the shoe organizer was of some help to someone :)

    I hope that you are enjoying your coffee, your correctly spelled blog, and shepherd's pie!


  3. Jen Says:

    I love shephards pie....hope you have a nice weekend.

  4. Tiffany Says:

    I'm so glad that there was no real virus, that message would have freaked me out. I know just enough about computers to do my blogging and stuff with photos. Thankfully, my hubby is a computer guy and knows what he's doing but still--any weird message makes me nervous!

  5. Amy Says:

    Gah those darn programs!! Thank goodness for mr. McAfee! Saved the day!